Notarize Documents Online With A Texas Notary Public

By Live Audio Video Call | $25 ea. Notarization | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  1. Submit An Online Notary Request & Schedule Your Online Notary: Confirm device is compatible to notarize documents online, add signer's details, upload document(s) and submit.  Use our 24/7 Online Notary Service Booking Tool & tell us when you want us to notarize your document online! 
  2. Verify Your Identity:  You will be required to verify your identity and  authenticate your ID before continuing session. Just submit images of your ID for analysis and inspection then answer a few generated  knowledge based identity questions.
  3. Sign Your Document With Your Digital Signature:  Electronically sign your document using only your device keyboard. 
  4. Join Live Audio Video Call & Complete notarization: Your Online Notary Public will review document, sign and complete the notarial transaction before ending your live audio video call.
  5. Receive & Save Your Notarized Document:  You don't pay until the end of the notarial transaction. All notarized documents will be shared after each session with a digital certificate (embedded in the document) to authenticate the Online Notary's signature and to reflect the document(s) encryption.  You can download, print or share with the document originator.
  • All videos are recorded and stored along with ID and other details to validate notarial transaction.  All e-signed and notarized documents are securely stored in an electronic vault kept in redundant SSAE 16 Ultra-Secure data centers to prevent unauthorized viewing and altering of signed documents.