By Focusing On The Whole You

It's very rare a company has the opportunity to redefine service and to change how it is delivered. We believe service is working with inspiration, dedication and conviction. It's about enjoying what you do and doing it to impact the life of others. It's more than accolades and the achievements, it's knowing you are making a difference. It's about treating people how you want to be treated- with respect, compassion, honesty, integrity and humility . For us, this is how you leave a mark on the world. Delivering a fast, safe and secure way to notarize documents online! We are based in Texas & only recruit notaries who are vetted, licensed & commissioned as State Public Officials. Every online notary is:

Nationally Background Screened
National Notary Association Certified
Professionally Bonded & Insured

We believe when service is prioritized, customers respond better and are more likely to stay loyal to our business. Having these service skills are key to our survival and will make you love us for it: 

  1. Empathy
  2. Problem-Solving
  3. Product knowledge
  4. Attention to Detail
  5. Clear Communication
  6. Listening

Keeping you at the center of every transaction is what continuously focus on...